Lesson overview

DSC09793Peuter/kleutergym - Under 6's gymnastics

During this lesson we explore all the basic movements with games and repetitions using small equipment such as balls, hoops and beanbags. The young gymnasts are encouraged to practise the basic movements of gymnastics through play. Racing, climbing, clambering, balancing, waving, jumping, rolling, throwing and catching, all these movements assist the general physical development of the child. Children from 3 years of age can join.

DSC09209Meisjes turnen - Girls gymnastics

From 6 years and upwards real gymnastics begins. In a fun way, the disciplines of gymnastics are introduced. By training in groups and with the use of circuits, the gymnasts are able to train more intensively. During the lessons training is based on all of the disciplines, these being the uneven bars, the balance beam, the floor exercise and vault. All children work at their own level. Further to the disciplines, work is done on improving strength, flexibility, body form, concentration and fitness. Alongside the formal gymnastics we organise internal competitions, a gymnastics camp,  a friendship day and gymnastics demonstrations.

DSC08196Jongens turnen - Boys gymnastics

During these lessons all the men’s artistic disciplines will be practised; still rings, high bar, vault, parallel bars and floor exercise. In a fun and broad- based training, the basics of artistic events for men are learned. Individual training on the disciplines will also be provided and practised.  Boys will receive one-on-one support, so that the exact level of their training can be based on their ability. Alongside the formal gymnastics we organise internal competitions, a gymnastics camp, friendship day and gymnastics demonstrations.



Spring turnen - Tumbling gymnastics

During this lesson the trampoline and tumbling routines are taught and practised. These are the mini-trampoline, individual and synchronized trampoline (mini and pegasus vault) and tumbling. These three disciplines are learnt in stages through first teaching the basic elements involved. Alongside the competition disciplines, opportunities to practise harder technical jumps are offered. The gymnasts take part in various trampoline and tumbling competitions where they are judged on both individual performances and the team performance (which for some of the disciplines is synchronized). Alongside the formal trampoline and tumbling practise, we organise internal competitions, a gymnastics camp, friendship day and tumbling demonstrations.


DSC07862Wedstrijdgroep - Competitive groups

Neptunus has girls', boys’ and a tumbling competition group. These gymnasts train more frequently and have to compete. If you possess the right talent and qualities, you will be invited to join one of the competitive groups. A new gymnast takes part in training sessions  over a month, during a trial period. The gymnast is judged to be a suitable permanent member of the group if he/she is seen to be picking up new skills at an appropriate speed, and is showing sufficient motivation and commitment.  


DSC08348 2

(Step) Aerobics

During low-impact aerobics we work on general strenght and fitness. Without explosive actions or jumping. During high-impact aerobics we focus more on fitness. The choreography is more complex and does include  explosive  actions and jumping. There is also a combination lesson which mixes low and high impact aerobics excersise each session. 


Pilates is a simple technique of training whereby a tight, balanced and aligned body posture is obtained through improved strength, suppleness and balance. The training is mat-based and  the lesson is structured including a warming-up and  cooling down period. Pilates is really about simple combinations of exercises.  Strength, suppleness, stability and posture are all worked on. Pilates can be practised by everyone ( young and old) who desires to work responsibly, and at their own level,  to strenghten their back, and to gain a flatter stomach, legs and buttocks.

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